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No agreement was reached as to who is entitled to vote at the general meeting - whether the statutory representatives only , or also officials given power of attorney. This single point has been partially settled since , thanks to a recommendation of the Institute of State and Law , according to which representation based on power of attorney is not possible. Arguments concerning the election rules continue , though.

The Executive Board has not been of much help either , though at its meetings , both regular and extraordinary , it is mostly preoccupied by this issue. The view of election options has changed several times , but the key point remains the same. The question is: How to proceed in the 3rd round to avoid mate? Based on the model given by the by-laws , the winner of the 3rd round is a candidate with higher percentage support from the chamber he is the candidate for.

Moravia is said to accept a compromise to have a candidate with the highest percentage of total votes from both chambers win the election. The Czech part stresses a condition that in the percentage total , the winner must gain at least two-third superiority. He says it would be best not to bend the rules and vote according to the existing regulations. Pelta remains an optimist.

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He believes the new President will be known in Nymburk; he also hopes that in the future , the candidates will cooperate constructively. Of the three candidates , he has the most experience with football management on both professional and regional levels. Rajchl is more reserved. There is not much time left for an agreement between the parties. Some negotiations are said to have taken place directly in Montenegro; but who knows if the football generality will be complete before the match.

Understanding Beer (Featuring The Beerists)

An alternative was sought for in order to transport part of the executive board to the scene of the barraged rematch. Finally , a meeting at ministry level , said to happen on Wednesday , may decide. In the future , he would like to see the position given to an experienced top manager , not excessively connected to football life. Berber is a man of controversial reputation , who is , behind the scenes , known as powerful lobbyist , capable of influencing the votes of general meeting delegates.

He refers to his skills from management of private companies; since last summer , he has been managing the Pilsen team that , with his support , celebrated its first league triumph in May. He does not hide his antipathy for , e. Pelta is connected to Jablonec , and Rajchl to Prague Dukla. Prior to the failed election in September , Pelta promised that if he was to win , he would focus on both the representation and gaining of financial means. He decided to participate in the elections before the last general meeting at the last moment. A two-month delay thus could have been useful for him to defend his ideas concerning football management in wider context.

This gives him the reason to believe he is experienced enough to manage Czech football. He approached the rewriting of the key document of the civil association as a decoy for the delegates. Other than that , he says he does not try to define himself against the rivals. Pelta himself claims to be true to the proclamations he announced in September.

He sees his strongest weapon in knowledge of football , from the lowest competitions to representation. The representation should be the shopping window of football. He then promised that his arrival to the head of the football would not mean any personnel housecleaning. Despite current catastrophic scenarios accompanying the general meeting planned , he believes that on Thursday , the delegates will not come to Nymburk in vain. Rajchl promises that if he is elected , hard work will come. He wants to establish system changes and make members of the executive board responsible for individual football areas.

Critical atmosphere in football movement supposedly made him doubt his candidature. Furthermore , he refutes the allegations he would only be a Czech President.

Among his successes , he includes the saving of dozens of millions of Crowns on disadvantageous contracts , negotiating TV contracts , and negotiations about the lottery law. On the other hand , he considers the fact that the association does not stick together partially as his own fault. One book can tell you where the water is at its best.

Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide - Are they clinically necessary or desirable?

There was one thing Iris Meder could not do without on research trips over the last one and a half years: her swimming costume. Lying back on the water , she has looked up at artistically designed domes , has swum towards marble cherubs awaiting her at the edge of the pool and has marvelled at meticulously restored art nouveau swimming pools. She rushed to add any pool she liked to her notebook - with essential details on the construction and the history of the building. The year-old is a real bathing culture enthusiast.

The only downside is that fans of swimming have to cope with blue glazed tiles and the stench of chlorine while joggers can breathe in the beguiling scent of spruce forests or listen to the bright twittering of birds in the park.

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And swimming baths can be a real treat for the eyes if the builders have gone to the trouble. The illustrated pocketbook The Joys of Bathing provides valuable information on the architectural and cultural history of historic pleasure and health oases over pages - and makes you want to leap into the water. Pool collector Meder discovered some notable examples during research in Hungary.

Many of the heated outdoor baths in Switzerland and Austria , on the other hand , offer spectacular views. You can view all of Zurich from a rooftop bath or look out on the snow-capped Arlberg from an outdoor pool in St. And there is a window in the steam bath giving a view of the action on the ski piste. Alhambra in the Black Forest Pool collector Meder was not greeted by the smell of chlorine in every swimming pool.

A lot of thermal baths smell of sulphur. The smell comes from the hydrogen carbonate in the alkaline water. The water is almost black with silt that sticks to the skin as soon as you slide into the pool - a wellness experience of a particular kind. Iris Meder , however , was at one point disappointed in her search for beautiful bathing places. When she tried to visit the outdoor pool at the Czech baths of Luhatschowitz , she found the area sealed off.

When Meder looked through the weather-beaten windows of the red , white and yellow art nouveau building , she could see weeds growing up through the tiles. One place where decay has been stopped in its tracks is a magical swimming bath in the Black Forest - the Palais Thermal in Bad Wildbad. The baths have already gone through three stages of construction. You will not only discover neo-Romanesque elements from the period after it was built in , but also a Moorish hall in Alhambra style added around Following its careful modernisation in , the Palais Thermal is the favourite swimming pool of pool connoisseur Iris Meder - and not just because she comes from the Black Forest.

A dip in the thermal pool in such a palace is clearly of secondary importance. Agricultural commodities speculation Deutsche Bank has commodity trading investigated By Christian Teevs Will Deutsche Bank stop trading agricultural commodities? The CEO plans to make changes in January. Hamburg - For German citizens the situation is clear. According to one study , 84 percent of Germans find it unacceptable that banks speculate on agricultural commodities such as wheat and maize.

Two thirds of those questioned demand that Deutsche Bank and other banks cease trading in agricultural commodities , as trading deepens the problems faced by the very poorest people around the world.

Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide

The findings were made in a survey conducted by the Forsa Institute for Social Research and Statistical Analysis on behalf of the consumer organisation Foodwatch. The study is based on a report presented by Foodwatch in mid-October. The author of the report , Harald Schumann , shows that betting on global commodities exchanges drives up prices - and the banks are therefore complicit in global hunger.

The campaign by consumer advocates is directed specifically at the head of Deutsche Bank , Josef Ackermann , although large banking houses such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley trade in the same way.

Originally , commodity betting was designed as a means of protecting traders against price fluctuations. However , most experts now agree that the gamblers have left behind the rules of supply and demand - and are profiting at the expense of the poorest. In contrast to US competitors , Ackermann has responded to the criticism. The head of the bank then plans to announce changes following the investigation at the end of January. Commodities trading may be reduced or stopped completely. Ackermann working on his image The president of Foodwatch , Thilo Bode , welcomed the news while emphasising his criticism of the financial sector.

Deutsche Bank announced on Monday that the chairman will not move to the supervisory board as had been planned.