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Abomination is an English term used to translate the Biblical Hebrew terms shiqquts שיקוץ and sheqets שקץ, which are derived from shâqats, or the terms.
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You might want to avoid reading further if you don't want to spoil the surprise for yourself! Sign In. From Darkest Dungeon Wiki. Jump to: navigation , search. Anger Management. By the Abomination [ edit edit source ] Those of faith have no tolerance for those with my condition. By Religious Heroes [ edit edit source ] I will not serve with this Landing a Critical Hit [ edit edit source ] I will not be bound again!

I have clawed back my freedom from worse than you! My curse feeds my rage! I fear no demon for the greatest monster lies inside! Destruction is all I can give this world! Feel the wrath of the hopeless! What are we still doing here?! Do you not see how our fate is sealed?

My will's iron is bent and my blood is like icewater. There is no midnight as black as this vision. This is a trap! Stressing Party [ edit edit source ] Out of the frying pan, into the fire! If I fall here, at least I die a free man This is certainly doom that I feel.

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Our doom. Something in the shadows! My legs betray me!

Passing Turn [ edit edit source ] No! One mistake and it is over for me! I can feel its cold hand squeezing my heart! I do not know I do not know! Camping Stress [ edit edit source ] Imagine me, half-demon, terrified of those creeping shadows. Surrounded by horrors, inside and out Was that faint gibbering a phantom of my subverted mind?

Getting hit by Enemy [ edit edit source ] Don't you see how s-strong I am? Anything to satiate these fiends! What else can I do? Enemy Missed Self [ edit edit source ] Suicide is the egress from all of this! I must die! I must perish so that it doesn't consume us all! I tire of keeping this hellbeast from taking over! Party Member Attack Misses [ edit edit source ] That's it, stir the hornet's nest - fool! Why do you tempt fate, all of our fates, with this offense?! I am ready to flee, just give the signal. Party Member Hit [ edit edit source ] Keep yourself alive! If you fall Don't just throw your life away!

We need each other! Keep steady, damn you, I will not face them alone!

Enemy Missed Party Member [ edit edit source ] My heart is going to burst! One more blow and we are done for! Let us flee while they are off-balance! Blocks Move [ edit edit source ] No, not on your life! Ice-cold terror grips my will! There is no shelter to be found! Refuses to Perform Camping Skills [ edit edit source ] My hands shake too much! They are too near!

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Fear has slain my rational qualities! Becoming Paranoid [ edit edit source ] Of course, why didn't I see it sooner!? Betrayers all of you! You would abandon me alone here, would you not?

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Out of respect, wait until I am fully dead before picking me over like vultures. I trust you less than the common vagrants who patrol my city. I have oft wondered if evil is drawn to my better half. Stressing Party [ edit edit source ] I wonder my taint was spread to another here. That dirge Strike my back and you will find you have stabbed an angry demon!


Switching Position to the Back [ edit edit source ] They are sent by the order to reclaim me! It is me they want! My curse is like honey to the flies of evil! Passing Turn [ edit edit source ] One of the order's hired minions I reckon! I have been betrayed once, never again! I can always sense the machinations of the craven unfolding. Random Action [ edit edit source ] Chaos snarls the threads of any plot. None of your business! I must act independently for non can be trusted!

Camping Stress [ edit edit source ] One wrong move, one word misplaced and your flesh is ours. It has been known to defend me in my sleep. You traitors conspire against a force you cannot comprehend. Attacking Party Member [ edit edit source ] Consider this a warning from my better half!